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Back-to-School Safety Tech That Helps Keep Kids Safe.


Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


3 Things about Our Fingerprinting Kits That Might Surprise You ...

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The number of children that go missing every year is staggering. In order to protect the children and help parents speak to law enforcement as quickly as possible, we promote the use of child ID kits. These kits contain the information that parents need to supply to law enforcement officials to help them locate or identify their children. Here are 3 things that people should know about the fingerprinting kits that we provide. 

They Store Essential Information

After a child goes missing, parents are usually feeling lost and anxious. The amount of stress that they're under and the panic that they feel makes it difficult for them to recall simple things about their child. What color hair does he have? What color are her eyes? How tall is she? Does she have any freckles or other identifying features? Thankfully, these kits ask about all of these physical traits in order, so parents can hand the kits to law enforcement officials and let them know the details they need. 

On top of space to provide physical descriptions of the children, the kits also help store hair DNA samples, fingerprint information, and a most-recent photograph. This photo should be updated every 6 months or so. For people with children younger than 2, it might be a good idea to update the picture more frequently since infants and toddlers tend to grow fast and change quite a bit.


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They're Completely Free

With the amount of help that these kits provide, a person might expect to pay a lot of money for them. At the very least, parents figure that they'll need to pay for shipping and handling expenses. This is not the case. We offer these kits completely free of charge with no purchase necessary. We have the kits delivered directly to the parents' homes through our partnerships. 


They're Endorsed by the National Crime Prevention Council

Our kits have been endorsed and supported by the nation's leading law enforcement officials and the National Crime Prevention Council. In fact, we have a letter written by the President of McGruff Safe Kids, Kurt Boerner, declaring the organization’s support and endorsement for the product and how it helps with identifying missing children.


These child ID kits aim to empower parents at a time when they feel the most helpless and anxious. We encourage parents to take advantage of the kits that we offer, so they can have all of the necessary information on hand should there ever come a time when they need to use it.


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