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Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


6 Grown-Up Road Trip Games To Play After The Kids Fall Asleep ...

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I believe that any road trip where kids fall asleep for a solid block of time, earns us the right to go wild. OK so maybe my definition of “wild” has changed slightly in recent years, but it’s good to have goals. So join me in taking a break from the travel neck pillow with these six adult games that will guarantee at least some wild laughs.


6. Three for the Road



Trade three sticky notes with your partner, each for one thing you have been avoiding talking about: one about sex, one about the kids, and one wild card on a topic of your choice. The only rule is that you can’t fight. (It’s a game people!)


5. The Sandwich Game



Brought to us by Sam Sifton, this game is killer. All you do is name your top five favorite sandwiches in order. That’s it. The fun lies in the inevitable debate over type of bread, toasting/not toasting, and condiment preferences — each speaking volumes about your traveling companion.


4. Date, Marry, Erase



Pick three people, and make your partner put each in a category. It’s low-hanging fruit, but never gets old. Twist: Name only parents from your kid’s school to make it interesting. 


3. Name That Retro Tune



Race to see who can name songs on the radio from the first few bars. This works best with old-school stations surprising you with songs you haven’t heard in years. 


2. Botticelli



This is a highbrow version of Twenty Questions, minus the yes/no, plus more questions. It’s actually pretty cool, but takes a while to explain. So check it out here if you can both drive and think of inventors that start with “B” at the same time.


1. Would You Rather?



This game can truly reveal how warped of a person is driving in the seat next to you by the questions they come up with. For example, “Would you rather binge watch an entire series on the couch next to your boss or your mother-in-law?” The longer the trip, the more outrageous these can get.