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Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


6 Ways You Know You’re a Stay-at-Home-Dad ...

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SAHD and WAHD Frank Priegue has it covered.

Before becoming a Stay at Home Dad, I had no idea of what to expect.

I even did a Google to see what SAHD meant. Working without a road map the first months were a bumpy ride but it has gotten smoother along the way.  Taking care my son is the toughest job I’ve had, multitasking and improvising are only two of the skills needed for the job.

Since little information exists regarding Stay at Home Dads I decided to share a few details on the glamorous lives we lead.


Start Me Up

I’m up at 6:30 every morning.  Jumping or staggering out of bed depends on how the baby slept.  He’s usually up once a night, rolling over and going back to sleep after snatching the bottle from my hand—on a good night.  Teething and ear infections have a way of throwing things out of whack.  My day starts with a cup of coffee and some quiet time with my better half as we straighten up the baby’s toys. 

The baby’s sleep pattern determines how strong I brew the coffee.


Daddy’s Wardrobe 

This varies from dad to dad but it’s not business casual.  Most parenting books don’t offer wardrobe suggestions.  Since a lot of my day is spent chasing him around the house, playground, and keeping him out of the bathroom (and he loves bathrooms), I wear the same gear I wear on training runs, a tech t-shirt and sweats.  

They’re light-weight, comfortable and washes easier than a cashmere sweater, because you will be drooled, spilled and pooped on.


Is TV the Babysitter? 

Everyone thinks Stay at Home Dads binge watch Netflix while the baby plays.  In addition to being a Stay at Home Dad, I’m also a Work from Home Dad. Working as a consultant and freelance writing gigs keep me busy while Cristian watches Sesame Street or Baby Genius.  That doesn’t mean he spends all day in front of the TV. I read to him, we play in the park, and he comes along on my daily errands.

That said he’s watched more CNN than the average toddler—we both agree HD isn’t doing Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton any favors.


Sleep When They Sleep

I’m convinced anyone offering this advice never took care of a baby. Maybe they had a nanny or they’ve forgotten how demanding babies are.  A baby’s nap time is like hitting Lotto. Here’s your chance to do a load of laundry, take a quick shower, or catch up on whatever you’ve fallen behind on.  Use the time wisely. I’ve written articles and blog posts during Cristian’s naps.


Everyone’s An Expert

Stay at Home Dads are still considered an oddity—much like caged animals at the zoo. On any given day, I’ll hear comments and receive unsolicited advice on all things baby. Everything from it looks like mommy dressed him today, to how cute, you’re babysitting, to he looks hungry

Okay that last one was from Grandma who thinks everyone looks hungry but you get my point.


Multi-Tasking Required 

Most job descriptions these days require strong time-management skills and the ability to multitask, they’re also prerequisites for any SAHD.  One any given day I’m chauffeuring Cristian to playdates, My Gym classes, or the park for an hour, while maintaining a full work-load and finding time to write.

Am I babysitting or parenting? Maybe a little of both depending on the day.


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