With back-to-school season kicking into high gear, millions of parents in the U.S. will allow their children to walk to and from school.

No matter how mature and responsible a child is, those few blocks without adult supervision are enough to make most parents worry.

Luckily, technology can help assuage concern and keep track of a child's whereabouts. Read on for options ranging from a free app to wearables and connected home devices.

There are a number of wearables and GPS trackers parents can place on their children, but PocketFinder provides an array of features that parents of younger children may find especially handy.
The 1.4-ounce tracker easily fits into a child's backpack or pocket and updates a parent's smartphone with their location every two minutes. Parents can also set up a "geo fence," immediately alerting them if their child goes off track.
PocketFinder costs around $130 and requires a $12.95 monthly fee.
Life 360
Life 360 is a free solution that is ideal for families where everyone has a smartphone. The app, which is available for iOS and Android, lets families keep track of each member's location on a map and receive alerts when someone reaches a destination that is part of their routine — such as getting to school or arriving home.
The app is free, but a premium paid service offers more features, including stolen phone protection, expanded history data and a live adviser for urgent situations.