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Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


Christmas Safety for Babies and Children ...

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Here are some useful tips to keep you, and your little ones safe at this time of year.  



There will be lots of food around, sweets & nuts in bowls around the house. Always encourage your little ones to eat in one area and supervise. It becomes a lot harder as they get older as they can wander off, and aren’t always confined to the high chair.

Remember, little ones and adults don’t always react to choking like we think they will. If someone disappears off to the toilet or leaves the room coughing from something they have eaten, always follow them and be on hand to intervene if necessary.


Kitchen chaos  

There is normally 101 people in, and around the kitchen, preparing food, having a sociable drink, kids playing with new toys on the floor.  


- Keep hot drinks away from edges of tables and work surfaces. They can burn up to 20 minutes after they have been poured.
- Same rule applies for knives, that one time you leave it close the edge they will have grown overnight and be able to reach it!
- If you have an oven that the kids can reach make sure they are supervised or ideally kept out of the kitchen.
- Avoid moving around the kitchen with pans or hot liquids.
- Make sure the area is clear before you remove any items from the oven. Goose fat roasties can spit fat a long distance.


- Make sure all toys are age suitable. They should have the CE mark or comply with the 2011 toy regulations.
- Encourage your older children to keep their new toys away from younger siblings. The reason toys have a ‘recommended age’ is because they often have small parts which can end up in smaller children’s mouths.


Make sure any visitors aren’t carrying medicines or batteries in their handbags. I always make a joke about frisking visitors at the door but it’s so important - because your little ones can access hand bags or carrier bags when they are left on the floor.

Show visitors how to use the stair gates and make sure they are closed after they are used.


Christmas decorations  

- Make sure candles are blown out before going to bed or leaving the house.
- Same rule for fairy lights on the tree or around the house.
- Keep long light flexes out of reach of little
- Don’t overload your plug
- Buy shatter-proof baubles, good if the kids or pets accidentally (or on purpose!) break one.
- A dry Christmas tree is more flammable, keep your real trees well watered and away from heat sources.

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Original Source: Daisy First Aid