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Back-to-School Safety Tech That Helps Keep Kids Safe.


Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


Pain-free Family Road Trips ...

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Cut down on are-we-there-yets and pump up the fun with road trip ideas, both classic and high tech. Keep the whole family entertained while you comfortably hit the road 


Map it

Let kids answer the question, “How much longer?” themselves with maps either printed and laminated or on a digital device—some 2017 models come with an “Are We There Yet?” app to track the drive. Incorporate guidebooks and websites for planning pit stops, too. Customize bags wrapped and labeled with “open here” for each destination to get the kids excited and engaged at each stop.


Scrap it

Give each kid supplies to scrapbook the trip as it unfolds. Stock a box with scissors, washi tape, colored pencils and envelopes. Encourage them to collect and add postcards, brochures, tickets and other vacation memorabilia.

Game on

Prep a list of go-to games so you’re instantly ready with potential crowd-pleasers. Try good old 21 Questions, or something more high tech, such as Name That Tune using your favorite music app. Options like the License Plate Game, Backseat Bingo and Tic-Tac-Toe come standard on some vehicles' dual second-row touchscreens.


Do down time

Change it up during your drive like you would on any typical day, with both upbeat together-time and quiet solo downtime. Have a variety of movies and podcasts ready. The dual HD touchscreens, Blu-Ray player, wireless headphones and Bluetooth remotes in some newer vehicles, make two long hours on the road disappear like that. (The built-in vacuum does the same for movie and road snacks.)


Pit-stop party

Pack a bag with outdoor playthings, whether old favorites or new items for the trip, such as a football, jump ropes, whiffle ball and sidewalk chalk. Pack it last so it’s easy to grab and repack before piling back in and motoring ahead.


While hitting the road with your family, don't forget to drive home the point of safety basics with your little ones. Our McGruff Safe Kit provides all the information you need, in a fun, kid-friendly fashion, so they can become streetwise, and you stress-free. Request your no-cost kit today!


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