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Back-to-School Safety Tech That Helps Keep Kids Safe.


Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


The Importance of Keeping Your Child's Information Safe ...

  • Safety

Parents have always been tasked with the important responsibility of protecting their children. The same charge is there today, only it is now much harder to fulfill than ever before. We are seeing more and more dangers pop up that former generations of parents never had to worry about. We have also found that the right tools are vital to protecting children from risks of abduction, be it physical or identity-related. One essential tool is a free fingerprint kit for kids. These kits can help protect your children's information in many ways.

Gets Them in the System

Fingerprint kits for kids are helpful in getting your children into the system. Once your children are in the system with their own unique identification via their fingerprints, it becomes much harder for anyone else to pass off that identity as their own. It also makes abduction much harder as the children can be traced back through any print they leave.


Opens the Door to Good Communication

The only way to get your child fingerprinted is to have their cooperation and consent. This gives you a really good chance to talk to your children about why you want to have this done. Once they understand the dangers and the ways to avoid danger, we feel that they will be much better equipped to help protect themselves.


Prevents Future Problems

We get frustrated when we see so many people overlooking the need to get this important task done. Many feel that until their children are 18 or older, they will not be at risk for identity theft. That is not the case. Anyone with a birth certificate and a Social Security number can provide a criminal with the information needed to cause a lot of trouble now that won't be detected until later in life. Acting now can prevent many frustrating issues in the future.