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Posted by McGruff Safe Kit - 04 September, 2019


This May Be the Perfect Fit ...

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Happy May 1st, readers! Did you know that May is known as National Physical Fitness and Sports Month? Neither did we - we’ve clearly been in too deep of a relationship with Nutella and carbohydrates to notice (we’ve all been there) – but this month, we’re working on changing that. Really. That’s why in honor of National Fitness Month, we created a foolproof guide for incorporating more healthiness and physical activity into everyday life. So, to you and your kids, May the sports be with you.  

For one, you can get your kids involved in sports. It’s important to keep children physically active while they are young. Due to more obesity, children in America are developing a higher chance of getting type 2 diabetes. However, it’s important to know not to overdo it. While keeping kids active and healthy is a must, you should avoid resistance exercise and just stick to cardio. You also shouldn’t enroll your kid in 5 activities at once, or turn into an aggressive sports mom and start training them for the Olympics. Find a sports program that fits your child’s personality and skillset, and sit in on a team practice before you sign them up for it. Know that your end goal is for them to be happy, have fun, and become just active enough to curb any unhealthy habits.


If the weather permits it, encourage your kids to get outside. This is the easiest way to promote more caloric burning! Peel your kids away from their computers or iPads, and push them out the door and into the sunshine. If you live in an area with great hiking trails, consider taking your family out for a hike on the weekend and pack things for a picnic. Also, if you’re in an area with a lot of amenities nearby, considering having your family walk or bike to places instead of driving (within reason, of course. We’re not going to force your family to walk 10 miles to a Wal-Mart).


Ensure those healthy dinners make the journey from plate to mouth! While it’s easier said than done – and achieving this task alone is tantamount to winning a world war – making healthy foods fun and enjoyable is the most important ingredient. Have a smoothie making morning! Go into a peppy, adrenaline-induced tirade and morph into your favorite Jamba Juice team member. Your kids will happily participate when colorful fruit and veggie ingredients are all laid out in front of them. Keeping things hands-on and interactive in the kitchen is what fun is all about (even if it doesn’t involve French fries or Nutella). For more detailed instructions on cleaner eating, check out our blog from a couple of weeks ago.


Sleep at a set time. Even though this may seem like a no-brainer, “studies show that preschool-age children who don’t have a set sleep routine are more likely to be overweight by the time they become tweens” (NPR 2017).  Maintaining a strong circadian rhythm for your whole family not only makes you less cranky in the morning, but it alters your metabolism and makes you less prone to gaining weight. As if we needed more motivation to sleep longer!

Whether it be through hiking, fruit juices, sleeping longer, or getting involved in sports, we hope this guide helps you and your family get some healthy ideas for the month of May.

As important as it is to keep track of your kids’ health and activity, we also recognize the importance of keeping track of other vital information. With the McGruff Safe Kit, we offer a convenient way for you to personally store your child’s DNA, hair samples, fingerprint, and photo in case of an emergency. Request your free kit today!