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Get Your McGruff Home Safety Kit

Your Personal & Property Protection Plan

From home security to identity protection, McGruff addresses it all.

Request your No-Cost McGruff Home Safety Kit today and receive:

- Home security tips (fire protection, CPR training, and more!)
- An "Emergency Go" supplies checklist
- Space to fill out family emergency plan 
- Escape plan



McGruff Home Safety Process

What's Inside?

Wondering what you get when you request the kit? The McGruff Home Safety Kit comes with:

  • Home security tips
  • Info on fraud and identity protection
  • Info on fire protection
  • Emergency supplies checklist
  • A drawing space to map out your family's emergency escape plan

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More Details

Emergency Supplies Checklist

Run through an important checklist of what you need in a time of crisis like blankets, radios, whistles, water, and much more! Tear this section out and stick it on your refrigerator for easy access.

Family Emergency Plan

Every family should have a plan in case of emergencies. Included in the kit is a section to list out your family members, medical history, medication info, and emergency contact info. 

Escape Plan

Draw a floor plan showing walls, doors, and windows. Using arrows, mark at least two ways to escape each room. Decide on a meeting place outside the house and mark that spot on your plan.
A licensed home security representative will contact you to arrange a convenient time to teach you how to use McGruff Home Safety Kit and explain additional benefits available.